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четвртак, 18. септембар 2014.

Wine Route Vršac

On the north eastern of Serbia is located city of Vršac. Besides being known for its beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage, Vršac is known for something more, for its wine.

Vine-growing and wine production in Vršac has one of the longest tradition in Serbia. Wine production was developed in the time of the Dacians and Romans. The first written records of the cultivation of the vine in the area of Vršac date from 1494. The famous Turkish traveler, Evliya Çelebi wrote that the Vršac region is filled with grape vines and grapes are sweet and delicious.

Great importance to the cultivation of the vine had a wine cellar Helvetia. The wine cellar was built by a Swiss merchant Berhhard Straub in 1800. On the crest of Vršac is the vine since 1804.

Many houses in Vršac have on the facade motif of grapes. At the end of the nineteenth century, Vršac vineyards were among the largest in Hungary, and one of the largest in Europe. Today they are spread over an area of more than 1 700 hectares.

In Vršac today produces a large number of different types of wine. It is considered to be among the highest quality and most delicious wines in Serbia. In Vršac are developed the autochthonous vine species, which Vršac placed among the best wine producers in Europe.