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субота, 27. септембар 2014.

Risovača cave

Risovača cave, is located on the hill at the entrance to the city Arandelovac. Risovača is one of the most famous Palaeolithic sites in Europe. Is habitat of man from the ice age, which is rare in this region. The cave is to local population was known before the beginning of archaeological research. It was discovered by accident in 1937 when they start work in the quarry.The research started in 1953 and then there were only two small entrances to the cave.
There were iscovered fossils of mammoths, woolly rhinos, cave bears, bison, leopards, cave lion, etc.. The cave was excavated to a length of 187 meters. In the interior of the hall were discovered corals of different colors and shapes, with decorations and items that are served caveman.
1983 years Risovača was declared cultural heritage of great importance, and the surrounding area in 1995 under the protection of the natural monument of the first category.
Locality Risovača the Mousterian site . There was evidence of use of fire, and some homes have been found and tools from a variety of materials. In the cave are artifacts that by their characteristics are elements of the middle and late Paleolithic. In a central location in the cave are now figures made ​​of resin, which are represent a family of primitive man.
Risovača is one of the greatest treasures of Serbia. It has a large archaeological, paleontological and cultural significance. About the tourism potential of the cave, unfortunately very little is known. However, Risovača is part of the rich tourist offer Arandjelovac and Serbia.