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понедељак, 08. септембар 2014.

Road Trip - Serbia!

Dear friends!

So far I have written about the beautiful destinations in Serbia. It was time to write a few words about Serbia itself.
First, I want to thank you for your support. I hope you liked the previous articles and I hope you will read them  in the future :)

Serbia is a small country where live people with a big heart. It is situated in the Balkans, in southeastern Europe. This country has a tragic, but extremely rich history. In Serbia live people who are proud, energetic and righteous. Serbs are brawlers, awkward when they drink, patriots, football experts, often think of themselves as smarter than everyone else. But the Serbs are good hosts, friends, always willing to help and share with others.

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade. This is the city that best describes the painful history of the Serbs. Belgrade is a city that is dozens of times  destroyed and rebuilt, a city that has been the target of almost all the powerful nations of Europe. Today, Belgrade is the best destination to enjoy, a city where you can hear many languages​​, open to all visitors. This is a city of culture, taverns  and good music, city of young and happy people, a city that eagerly embraces all who come to him.

Serbia is a country of plains and mountains, rivers and lakes. Wherever you go you will hear interesting stories about history. Serbia is a country in which vampires walk, in which aliens landing, the country that still divide the Chetniks and Partisans, and connecting pubs and customs. All worries are forgotten after a few glasses of brandy, with the sounds of trumpets or  tambourines.

Serbia is a country of traditions. You toast with the host using word „Živeli“ or „Uzdravlje“.  When you come to Serbia, it is normal to act like every Serb. Your host will test how much you can drink, shall put you to eat, require you to oversleep at his home. If you refuse he will be offended. After one day you will be his friend.

When you come to Serbia, you will not be bored. At each step everybody will tell you where to go, where is the best entertainment. Keep in mind one thing, wherever you go, you will remain there until the morning. Trip to Serbia will be an adventure you will never forget. People who visited Serbia will tell you that every year there are coming back again. Here you will make friends for life. I welcome you and look forward to friendship with you.