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петак, 19. септембар 2014.

Ljubostinja monastery

Ljubostinja is one of the most beautiful and most significant monasteries in Serbia. It was built by Princess Milica, from 1388 to 1405. Ljubostinja is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin.

Ljubostinja name comes from the Old Slavic word Ljubov-stinja, which means "place of love". This monastery is indeed a place of love. Princess gave the monastery this name in honor of her love for Prince Lazar. Prince and Princess had met exactly where this building was built.

Ljubostinja was built in the Moravian-style, authentic style typical of the period after the Nemanjić dynasty.

In Ljubostinja, after the Battle of Kosovo, women of fallen lords became nuns.
One of them was Euphemia, first Serbian poetess. She was remembered for the famous "Praise to Prince Lazar", a poem embroidered on canvas with gold letters. In Ljubostinja Princess Milica also became a nun, after her son Stefan became the ruler of Serbia.

In Ljubostinja were buried Princess Milica and poetess Jefimija. The monastery was plundered several times, most recently in the early twentieth century. Until today it is considered that in a monastery is hidden treasure, including the Crown of Princess Milica.

Ljubostinja reaches the highest domains of Serbian architecture. This is truly one of the most beautiful culturally - historical treasures of Serbia. Ljubostinja is for a reason one of the greatest spiritual center of the Serbian people.