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уторак, 16. септембар 2014.

Drvengrad, Serbian Hollywood

On the hill Mećavnik, in Mokra Gora, is situated Drvengrad. This is an ethno village founded on the idea of the famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. Drvengrad was created for the purpose of recording, "Life is a Miracle", and now has a cult status among the best destinations in Serbia.

Drvengrad was built in the unique ambience of wooden barracks and the streets that are named after famous personalities. The main street is named after Serbian Nobel prize winner Ivo Andric, and there are streets of Novak Djokovic, Ernesto Che Guevara, Diego Maradona ...

At the end of the main street there is a small wooden orthodox church with a wooden bell tower. The church was built on the model of Russian wooden churches and dedicated to the first Serbian archbishop Saint Sava.

Drvengrad function as a city. It contains picture gallery, library, cinema, patisserie, restaurant. The barracks are filled with authentic interior, indicating the simplicity painted in luxury.

Drvengrad is hosting a film festival Küstendorf, where are gathering a number of celebrities from the world of cinema. Here you can meet your host, Emir Kusturica, a man unique in character and temperament.

Drvengrad is a unique place. Believe me, you will not see anything like this anywhere else. I welcome you from one of the most beautiful places in Serbia and I say to you, feel the charm of Drvengrad.