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понедељак, 15. септембар 2014.

Belgrade, unique and gorgeus!

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. This beautiful city is one of the oldest in Europe. Located on the banks of the rivers Sava and Danube, Belgrade tells his story. 

Belgrade has a lot to show. It is composed of a variety of architectural styles. At each step, you can see a building that stands out, causing amazement of passers-by. The fortress overlooks the modern architecture, in the main street are the most beautiful buildings of the city, near are the remains of socialist construction. All these styles are shaped Belgrade into a unique appearance. 

From all over the city rises one of its symbols, Saint Sava Temple. This beautiful church was built on the model of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, and is the spiritual center of the Serbian capital. 

Not far from the center is the busiest street in Belgrade. It is the King Alexander Boulevard, filled with boutiques, cafes, shops, parks and markets. It houses the National Assembly, a unique building that looks beautiful. 

Coming down to the river shows a completely different view of Belgrade. Both sides connect the famous Belgrade bridges, authentic and indispensable symbols of the city. 

Nightlife of the capital is known throughout the world. In Belgrade people come from all sides to enjoy great entertainment. Belgrade is filled with iconic places to go and enjoy , the fun lasts until the early morning hours. 

Belgrade is a city for everyone. Get in our hearts and refuses to leave. This is a city that lives for ever, and that brings out the best in us.