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уторак, 23. септембар 2014.

Jurassic park of Serbia

On the east of Serbia, there is a beauty which its dimension captures the feeling of warmth and admiration - Old Mountain. Its range extends from Zajecar to the Black Sea. According to her second name - Balkan mountains, the Balkan Peninsula was named.

From every corner this mountain offers a view of spacious pastures, valleys, hills and forests. Perfect place for stay in untouched nature and to enjoy fresh air.

What makes this mountain apart from other mountain is that this mountain may be declared a national park dinosaurs. On this mountain is extremely fossil site, what does not exist in the rest of Europe. Here were found the fossil footprints of Thecodontosaurus about 250 million years old. It is interesting that lovers of this mountain often find fossil remains of shellfish, sea worms and other prehistoric animals. It explains that in this place was a warm tropical sea before about 210 million years ago

Old Mountain, known for its beautiful countryside, fantastic gastronomy, friendly and hospitable people who live there, hiding and this story, which is totally unknown to the general public.

And this is another reason to visit and explore this beautiful country.