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петак, 26. септембар 2014.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake, or "Serbian sea", is located in the east of Serbia, in Braničevski district. It is located only a few kilometers from the Great forts on the right bank of the Danube River. Silver Lake lies in a small valley of the Danube, surrounded by mountains on the west, south and north. In the south flows the river Pek, famous for gold and the reverse water flow during high water.
One of the most beautiful lakes in Serbia was once a branch of the Danube. The lake was formed by damming the sleeve dam near the village Zatonje. It occupies an area of ​​4 square kilometers, has a length of 14 km, a depth of 8 meters, and the average width is about 300 meters. Silver Lake lies at an altitude of 70 meters. The name derives from the reflection that occurs at the surface during the afternoon hours, when the sun starts to set, thereby giving it a color like silver. The lake gets its water from the Danube, while passing through the sand dunes, which is filtered out and give her an exceptional purity.
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Silver Lake is filled with different kinds of fish. Here you can find carp, pike, perch,  catfish.Therefore, the Silver Lake a popular destination for sport fishing.
Silver Lake is a real tourist gem. Visitors can enjoy the beach filled with restaurants and cafes, a water park, sports fields, as well as an amusement park for children.There are also organized visits to the spa Ždrelo, ancient site Viminacium and monaster Tuman. Also, fans of the Danube may go on ship cruise to the fortress Ram and Golubac, then to Đerdapska gorge and on Lepenski Vir. On the same road is the monastery Nimnik from the fourteenth century.
Arrival at Silver Lake would not be complete without visiting the numerous cultural - historical and natural attractions. Near the lake there is Iron Gate National Park, the largest national park in Serbia. Besides being filled with amazing nature, Iron Gate is a true oasis with many attractions.There are beautiful fortress Golubac, Lepenski Vir, the monastery Tuman et al. On the way Pozarevac - Veliko Gradiste is the monastery Nimnik, building from the fourteenth century. If you take the time, do not miss the Turkish fortress of Ram, located in the village on the banks of the Danube.
Stay at Silver Lake is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It is truly the jewel of eastern Serbia and neisrpni tourism potential of our country.