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среда, 24. септембар 2014.

Traditional Serbian cuisine

As part of the tradition in Serbia is Serbian cuisine. Who try she, he does not forget. Specifically flavored, leaves an indelible mark on the senses.

Serbian cuisine was influenced by Turkish and Greek cuisine, but also Hungarian and Austrian. Inevitably place in at least one meal takes meat, which is usually prepared with different types of vegetables. Method of preparation Serbian cuisine is not very complicated, but is often characterized by several hours of preparation. With a lot of imagination, and with the help of old recipes, in Serbia are cooking meals that are becoming a new kind of hedonism.

Although Serbia has no other branded dish except Leskovac burgers, she is characterized by the many dishes that are an integral part of Serbian cuisine in every household, with slight differences in preparation, depending on the region where you are located.

When you come to visit Serbia, first prepare that you will go out of Serbia with a few extra pounds. ;)

Classical Serbian dishes are cabbage rolls - a mixture of pork and beef and rice wrapped in cabbage, stuffed peppers, Serbian roast, spicy Serbian grill, rolled meat, podvarak, various kinds of stew, inevitably dried meat, pie with cheese, greaves, wedding cabbage, Serbian bread and milk products - cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, , and so on. There are various kinds of desserts, cakes, sweet of different fruits ...

Your stay in Serbia spice up with some of the many traditional dishes, because they are an essential part of Serbian folklore.