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субота, 13. септембар 2014.

Floating islands - Semeteško lake

Semeteško lake is located in Kopaonik. This is the largest tectonic lake in Serbia. It was created by the appearance of the earthquake, after which the water erupted from the hole. 

The lake is circular in shape, while at the depth creates a form of roller. Therefore, it is impossible to measure its depth. Divers were trying to dive deeper than 15 meters, but they were in that disabled the strong water current, which dragged them to the bottom. 

One of the biggest attractions of the lake are the floating islands. Islands, that they have an overgrowth and trees, every day are moving. They made lake declared a hydrological natural monument. 

Semeteško lake awakens admiration and fear. No one knows for sure how was created and why it is impossible to investigate its bottom. This was the reason for the emergence of numerous legends. 

One legend tells of a priest who wanted to work the land at the St. Cyril. Although he was warned by the villagers, the priest began to work. At that moment the ground opened up and swallowed him, and then the water erupted from the hole. 

Another legend says that once the lake gathered fairies and that during the night can still hear the voices. Locals said that the lake is inhabited by a monster that comes out at night and scare passers-by. 

In addition to the lake for hunting legends, it raises interest because of its beauty. Semeteško lake is a rare natural phenomenon, beautiful and unique.