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недеља, 14. септембар 2014.

Fruška Gora National Park

Fruška Gora is a beautiful island mountain located in Vojvodina. It covers an area of 80 kilometers, between the rivers Sava and Danube.
The highest peak of Fruška Gora is Crveni Čot, which reaches a height of 539 meters. This is an old island mountain filled with meadows, pastures, orchards and vineyards. Fruška Gora is proclaimed for a The National Park in Serbia in 1960. The National Park covers an area of 25 525 hectares. The park is characterized by a large number of threatened, rare and protected plant animal species. 

In the National Park Fruška Gora rises more than 1 000 species of plants. Most interesting are the orchids, which there are over 30 species. Of these, 18 species are of international significance. At Fruška Gora lives over 200 species of birds, 23 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 60 species of mammals.
On the mountain, there are over 15 lakes, of which the most famous Ledničko lake and Bešenovačko lake. In addition, the National Park is filled with picnic areas and viewpoints.
At Fruška Gora is one of the largest spiritual centers in Serbia. There are 16 monasteries on the mountain, built from the 15th to the 18th century.

Fruška Gora is one the most beautiful and most exciting mountain in Serbia. The visit to the mountain moves all the wonderful feelings. All this Fruška Gora makes a great place to enjoy.