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среда, 17. септембар 2014.

National park Kopaonik

The queen of all queens, beautiful mountain Kopaonik, is one on the best tourist destinations in Serbia. Because of its unique beauty, Kopaonik was declared a National Park in 1981. 

The national park covers an area of ​​11 810 hectares. The park is one of the most important centers of biodiversity of endemic flora in Serbia. 

On the mountain was found over 1 600 species of plants. Some of them are on the International Red List, a book of rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Fauna of Kopaonik includes numerous species of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. 

Kopaonik, except that owns a diverse flora and fauna, also contains significant natural and cultural - historical monuments. Near are the remains of the medieval fortresses, as well as numerous geological and hydrological monuments. 

Kopaonik is a real beauty. On the mountain is especially developed winter tourism. Here are the best ski slopes in Serbia. There are approximately 50 km of alpine trails, of which there are 3 paths for FIS slalom and giant slalom. 

Kopaonik National Park is a place of incredible natural beauty. Due to its rich flora and fauna is considered to be one of the most important nature reserves in Europe. Stay in Kopaonik is filled with great joy and guaranteed fun.